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  • Avalanche awareness

    Avalanche awareness

    26th September 2016

    If you are heading into snowy hills, particularly in Scotland, it’s vital to understand avalanche safety

  • Staying safe in the hills

    Staying safe in the hills

    26th September 2016

    Make sure you're going into the hills with the right knowledge, preparation and equipment

  • TGO’s Guide to Scrambling

    TGO’s Guide to Scrambling

    24th August 2016

    If you're looking to get into scrambling or want to improve your existing skills, look no further. Here, we define the grades, explain how to use your feet and find your way, plus, there's our recommended routes, gear to take with you and tips on ropework

  • How to: Belaying for scrambling

    How to: Belaying for scrambling

    24th August 2016

    Ticked off the easy low-grade classics and want to take your scrambling skills up a notch? It’s time to start thinking about rope-work. Here we take you through the basics of belaying, with information from the BMC and Mountain Training

  • Leave no trace

    Leave no trace

    22nd August 2016

    There’s more to minimal impact camping than just carrying out your litter