The Spot would be my second-choice headlamp after the Tikka XP. In terms of power, battery life, weight and price it’s very similar and certainly suitable for year round use for both walking and in camp. Rather than a diffuser the Spot has two small LEDs for a flood beam with the more powerful single LED just giving a spot beam. The Spot doesn’t have fixed light levels either. Instead both the flood and spot beams can be dimmed by holding down the switch, a nice feature. The switch itself is soft and simple presses cycle through the lights, with a longer press for switching between white and red LEDs. The switch can also be locked to prevent the headlamp accidentally switching on. To lock and unlock you just hold the switch down for six seconds, during which time a blue light flashes. The Spot will take lithium batteries for cold weather use. A simple clip opens the battery case and changing the batteries is easy. However the cover of the battery case is held on by two thin plastic strips. I haven’t had any problems with these but they could be cut or torn. I’d rather have a hinged cover. If they tore the cover could still be used but you’d then have two separate parts of the headlamp. The Spot is lightweight and comfortable to wear.


  • Overall: 4-5 out of 5

Pros: Flood or spot beam, long burn time, light weight, takes lithium batteries, lock, dimmer control

Cons: Slightly flimsy battery case attachment

  • Details: PRICE: Ј40 LEDs: 1 triple power white, 2 single power white, 2 single power red BEAM: flood or spot BATTERIES: 3 AAA alkaline, lithium, rechargeable WEIGHT: 94 grams LIGHT LEVELS: variable with dimmer control OUTPUT DISTANCE: 5-70 metres MAX.BURN TIME: 50-200 hours
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