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The big advantages of low profile hose connected stoves are stability and that they
can be fully surrounded with a windshield – a foil one is provided with this stove – without fear of the canister overheating. A bonus is if they have a preheat tube at the burner as this means the canister can be inverted to turn it from gas to liquid feed in cold weather. The new Vega stove is designed for this and has flip out wire legs to support the canister when inverted. The control lever is off to the side and so can still be used with an inverted canister. It’s very easy to switch from an upright canister to an inverted one and vice versa. Optimus calls the first ‘efficiency mode’ as it uses less gas and the second ‘four-season mode’ as it means the stove will work in sub zero temperatures. The latter mode works well. I used the Vega in the Cairngorms last February and left the canister out overnight standing on snow. It was coated with frost in the morning and when lit in the upright position the flame was sluggish but as soon as I inverted the canister it roared into life.

For this type of stove the Vega is lightweight and compact. The curved legs grip pots well. The flame control works well so simmering is easy. For year round use it’s an excellent stove.

First published: Spring 2013


  • Overall: 5 out of 5

Pros: Low profile, inverted canister support, light weight

Cons: Nothing

  • Details: BURNER DIAMETER: 47mm POT SUPPORTS WIDTH: 145mm COMPANY WEIGHT: 178 grams TGO WEIGHT: 181 grams GAS USED: 9g (with upright canister) BOILING TIME: 5‰Ыќ (with upright canister) PRICE: Ј75 WEBSITE:
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