Quagmire is the ideal name for a gaiter. I love it! These gaiters should keep out everything a quagmire can throw at you too. They are made from rugged fabrics, especially the double-layer lower section. There’s also a rubberised patch on the inner ankle to protect against crampon spikes. The upper section is lined with a lighter weight material. The Velcro flap is wide so it stays closed. There’s a stud at the bottom for aligning the two halves and a strap and a Velcro strap and D ring at the top. The latter means the fit below the knee can be easily adjusted. When tightened it’s less noticeable than a drawcord too – not that the gaiters need tightening much as the fabric is quite stiff so they don’t sag. The underfoot strap is also stiff and hard to thread through the buckle. However it looks to be extremely tough and should last well. The eVent uppers breathe well, as you’d expect.

For regular use in tough conditions the Quagmires should be excellent. However they are quite heavy and cost a little more than similar gaiters.


  • Overall: 3-5 out of 5

Pros: good breathability, tough, no zip, great name!

Cons: quite heavy, quite expensive, stiff underfoot strap

  • Details: PRICE Ј50 MATERIALS 500D eVent upper, 1000D Kodra lower CLOSURE Velcro flap, stud TOP FASTENING Velcro strap INSTEP FASTENING removable Hypalon strap SIZES S,M,L,XL WEIGHT 362 grams (L)
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