The Tumbleweeds are short gaiters designed to keep debris out of trail shoes. They’re not waterproof (and neither of course are many trail shoes anyway) so you’ll still get wet feet in puddles and rivulets but they do dry very fast. The fabric is very breathable too. They have a wide Velcro flap with a stud at the bottom for alignment and stretch grippy bands of material at the top and bottom to help them stay in place. Sticky though these are, they’re not enough to stop the gaiters riding up above your shoes. The underfoot cord is essential to keep the gaiters in place. Unfortunately, presumably for reasons of cost and weight, this is just a simple length of thin cord. Cross much rocky terrain and I doubt it will last long. It is easily replaced. I’d either do so with something tougher straight away or else carry plenty of spare cord.

The cost and weight are both low, as is the packed bulk. If you don’t wear gaiters often and don’t need them to be waterproof these are good ones for shoving in the pack. I can see them being useful in hot, dry weather when any waterproof gaiter would be too hot but you want to keep grit and other irritating stuff out of your shoes.


  • Overall: 3-5 out of 5

Pros: lightweight, low cost

Cons: underfoot cord

  • Details: PRICE Ј18 MATERIALS Taslan CLOSURE Velcro flap TOP FASTENING elastic INSTEP FASTENING removable cord SIZES S/M, L/XL WEIGHT 114 grams (L/XL)
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